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        One out of every five people in the U.S. (approximately 65 million people) live with a disability1, while one out of every six workers assist with caregiving.2 Even so, people with disabilities and their caregivers are often overlooked.

        Our central mission is to help all Americans retire better — one person, one family, one institution at a time. And providing solutions and services to the special needs community and their caregivers is a natural extension of our goal. In the process of doing so, we're looking to help financial advisors and organizations make a difference in the lives of millions living with special needs and disabilities as well as their caregivers.

        How does Voya Cares help advisors and employers navigate the journey?

        The toolkit below will help advisors and employers address the unique needs of the special needs community and become even more valuable to their clients and employees.

        Employer overview (Download PDF) - Planning and care for special needs in the workplace. We’ll guide the way, so employers can support all their employees.

        Beneficiary planning case study (Download PDF) - Naming a loved one with special needs as a beneficiary could have an unintended impact on their eligibility for government benefits.

        Government benefits guide (Download PDF) - An easy-to-follow roadmap to government benefits for special needs planning and how to incorporate those benefits into your strategy.

        Voya Cares helps employers and advisors gain proficiency in special needs planning through training, educational resources and support. We’ll help you become more valuable to your employees and clients.

        1?U.S. Census Bureau data and respondents’ self-identification2?Easter Seals - Caregiver Study 2011